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Stop trading dollars for hours trying to figure it all out on your own. Partner with a Certified OBM® that has the proven techniques and strategies to help you build your Network + grow your Networth while spending less time being a doer in your business.



"My mission is to Empower more Women to create Generational Wealth and become Financially Empowered through Entrepreneurship"

Did You Know the following Statistics based on the Average Small Business Owner in the united states


Average Income of a small business owner


make less than $100K Annually

7.8% mil of 21.7 mil

of business owners are women and women make less money in their business than male entrepreneurs

Practical Small Business Statistics for Success.....

According to a report by Fundera 82% of businesses that failed cited the contributing factor was the lack of cash flow. But while that may be true, what if I told you that cash flow isn't the only major factor that causes businesses to fold and go out of business? 

Many business owners lack the foundational mindset and skills to scale their business. While running out of money is the #1 contributing factor for business failure, this is avoidable with the proper systems and team put into place. Some would say the lack of systems and metric tracking is actually the #1 reason for business failure because without these it's impossible to manage your cash flow effectively. According to Small Biz Genius:

  • 82% of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems.
  • Small businesses employ 59 million people in the U.S.A.
  • 50% of all small businesses are operated from home.
  • 84% of small business owners indicate that they’re feeling optimistic about the future of their companies.
  • 64% of small business owners begin with only $10,000 in capital.
  • Approximately a quarter of small businesses begin with no financing whatsoever.
  • Only 40% of small businesses are profitable.
  • Only 64% of small businesses have their own website.

As your business' partner I want to help change the future of your business and make sure that your business is always in the "BLACK". By partnering with me as your Certified OBM® and Director of Operations I will streamline your Revenue Operations (Revenue Ops) so that you and your team are aligned as well as your revenue goals.

What is an Online Business Manager (OBM): A virtually based support professional who manages online businesses, including the day-to-day management of projects, operations, team members, and metrics.

What is Revenue Operations (Revenue Ops/Rev Ops): The strategic integration of sales, marketing, and service departments to provide a more seamless end-to-end view of administration and management, while leaving day-to-day processes within departments.

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Portia Mariee | OBM | Revenue Operations

As an entrepreneurial tax accountant and business advisor, I know oh to well the struggles that many service business owners are faced with when trying to scale their business. From putting in countless hours while launching a new product or service. Maybe you almost missed a deadline on a clients' account, or maybe you actually missed that deadline or forgot altogether that you needed to finish up on a clients' service.

When I first started my business, I knew I was good at what I did, but the 5 figure deals were not knocking at my door. I lacked marketing structure, systems to scale, metric trackers, and so much more. After scaling my tax accounting firm, I realized I enjoyed helping others achieve success in their service or ecommerce business and that's when I decided to become a Certified OBM® and a Revenue Operations Strategist.

"Helping Impact Driven Visionaries to Be Fierce + Chase Purpose + Be Financially Empowered While Helping their Dream Clients" ~Portia Mariee 

As a Certified Online Business Manager (OBM) Here's How I can Help Your Business

Free up your time as a business owner so that you can focus your time and energy on the things that only YOU can do in your business.

Project Management

Ahhh! There's nothing better than a business owner that takes action and executes their goals. I want to help you execute your vision and take the stress of managing your project from start to finish off your plate. I will streamline the entire process, document it with SOPs so that it can be duplicated over and over.

Operations Management

Let's face it! Most entrepreneurs or business owners do not start their business to get bottled down with the mundane tasks of streamlining processes, writing standard procedures or policy (SOPs) documents, nor do they want to. I will audit your current systems and provide any recommendations of improvements to your processes and procedures. 

Manage People Operations

One might say that you are only as good as the company you keep. The roles that your team plays is intricate and plays a key role in how successful or not a business will be. Ensuring that your team is happy at their workplace is just as important as to knowing when it is time to hire new teammates. My team and I will help manage the team and support operational human resource functions within my parameter as your business partner.

Manage your Revenue Operations and Metrics Tracking

One important aspect of monitoring your revenue operations is aligning all silos and departments so that each department operates as one unit with one goal in mind "Revenue Generation". Another aspect of managing revenue operations is streamlining the tools used to monitor and track metrics. Without tracking important KPIs or metrics how would you know the financial health of your organization or business. This is extremely important for the growth of your company and managing cash flow effectively.